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Each PDF page must be named according to the Newspaper Archive naming convention.  The newspaper archive requires that the following four pieces of information are correctly identified so that the pdf files are stored and indexed properly.  Each item must be separated by a hyphen or an underscore.  Do not use spaces or special characters such as !@#$%&()* in the file name.

The file name consists of:

• The three-character publisher code or ID.

• The date of the issue, in this format: YYYYMMDD.  For example, September 30th, 2010 = 20100930.

• The section and total number of pages in the section.  For example, “A04” would be the “A” section which contains four pages.  The Newspaper Archive uses this information to properly archive and index your pages.

• The actual page number this PDF represents.  For example, “01” is the first page.  If you have a two-page spread, the rule is slightly different: instead of inserting the page number, insert the first and last page numbers separated by a hyphen, for example “14-15” or “1-24.”

• The “.pdf” file extension which identifies the document as a pdf file.

Using the example file name above, there would be an additional three pdf files, all named the same except for the page number.  If there is a second section, those pages would be named and uploaded as well.  The section would be “B” and the total number of pages would be added after the “B.”

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